Introducing fleur de sel from Camargue

Fleur de Sel (literally "flower of salt") has been recognised for many years as the "caviar" of salt. Today it is a tasty treasure that is accessible to all. Traditionally and until recent times, it was an ingredient used only by salt makers in the salt marshes. It is harvested in a unique way. In summer, millions of salt crystals are formed on the surface of the water, producing Carmargue Fleur de Sel. It is harvested by hand, in line with tradition. Carmargue Fleur de Sel is made up of slightly humid crystals with unique crunchiness and flavour. It slowly melts on the tongue and delicately enhances any dish it is added to.

fleur de sel
saunier camargue

Salt production today:

Salt makers are perpetuating a tradition handed down from generation to generation by managing the movement of the water according to the wind, storms and salt level. The salt makers are the real guardians of the Aigues-Mortes salt marsh. They adapt to the climate, while running daily checks on the salt level in the crystallisation pans. The final result of this painstaking work, carried out all the year round, is the salt crystals caused by the rise in temperatures in summer. The salt makers also make sure that the salt marsh conserves all its natural riches. They take part in campaigns such as bird ringing or setting up small islands to promote nesting.

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